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Taking inspiration from artists like Frank Ocean, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver, Sara's music is inherently melodic, but she utilizes unusual arrangements and displays of lyrical vulnerability, touching on themes of mental health, loneliness and sexuality.

Originally from Hemel Hempstead, 23 year-old Sara spent much of her childhood in Mozambique. During her time in Africa, a nearby arms depot started to self-destruct in the heat of the day. This led to hours of explosions with many missiles landing just metres away from where she and her family hid. Lucky to survive when others did not, this event changed Sara and drove her to create and express herself in order to cope with the trauma.

Sara's musical output began with the release of her home recorded lo-fi EP 'Haunt' in 2017. With no press or plugging, she received track of the week from her local BBC Introducing while racking up plays of nearly half a million on Spotify.

The subsequent 18 months has seen Sara go through a creative burst that has nurtured over 50 increasingly accomplished songs, while developing more expansive sound through the addition of two live musicians. She has also completed her first studio session, of which 'Little Nerves' is the first release, with more material to follow in early 2020.